Bog Day is celebrated around the world every year on the fourth Sunday in July. This year we will be celebrating the brilliance of bogs on Sunday 23rd July 2023. 

This Bog Day_Logo red&lime_rgbannual event, in celebration of bogs, fens, swamps & marshes is an opportunity to raise awareness of peatlands – the benefits they provide, the threats they face and the ways we can all help protect them.

There are still plenty of opportunities to find out about peatlands and the work being done to protect and restore them. See our Events pages or Peatland Project Map to find out about a peatland near you.

If you have peatland resources or upcoming events you would like to share to help celebrate Bog Day please contact info@iucn.org.uk.

This site is managed by the IUCN UK Peatland Programme and brings you content from partners and projects around the world working to conserve, restore and enhance our brilliant bogs every day of the year!

Voices around the world participated in last year’s new Bog Day ‘Peatlands are..’ video series, asking individuals to finish the sentence and to tell us what peatlands mean to them. For some they encapsulate time itself, for others it’s the sheer power they have to store carbon when they are restored and protected and the home they provide for wildlife, particularly for threatened and declining species. Drawing from this year’s video submissions, the following ‘Peatlands are…’ film compilation shows the different relationships and meanings peatlands have to many people across the globe.

You can find out about Bog Day events, download Bog Day branding and activities, and find out what bogs are and why they are special. We’ll be Tweeting in the run-up and on the day from @IUCNPeat with #BogDay.

Header photo credit: Norrie Russell